New waterproofing technology

Discover Aquaprotect, the new complete range of solutions for waterproofing:

Aquaprotect walkable P4 is the only P4 walkable solution on the market. It allows waterproofing surfaces to create walkable terraces for pedestrians for daily use, green roofs, and leisure and fun spaces in homes.

The new Quilosa rubbers are products specially designed for the realization of large surfaces, providing a yield of almost 40% higher than the current acrylics on the market.

Aquaprotect Repairer, an ideal product for small repairs in gutters, downspouts, pipes, drains or singular roof points.

New Technology

by Quilosa

Wet Surfaces

and in the rain

European Certification

Official guarantee

Product range

Waterproofing membrane

p4 Walkable

Applicable wet and underwater

– No initial tack.
– Daily pedestrian traffic.
– Applicable on wet surfaces, even in rain.
– Resists stagnant water.
– Waterproofing of roofs and walkable terraces.
– Large filling capacity.
– Shelf life of 25 years.

Liquid MS Silicone

Applicable wet and underwater

– Applicable in wet and rainy weather.
– Large filling capacity.
– It does not need primer and does not shrink.
– It does not come off.
– High resistance to UV rays.
– Paintable
– 17/0080 Certificate.
– High elasticity.
– Tiling.


Resistant to stagnant water

– It does not come off.
– Applicable in wet and rainy weather.
– Easy cleaning and maintenance.
– For the reconstruction and repair of leaks, terraces, channellings, downspouts, pipes and drains.
– Applicable on all types of surfaces.

Elastic lining


Applicable in new constructions and rehabilitation on all types of surfaces

– 100% waterproof.
– Great durability of up to 15 years.
– High performance and elasticity.
– Big surfaces.
– UV resistance.


Sustainable energy saving

– New constructions and rehabilitation.
– High level of solar reflectance and emissivity.
– Unique technology of microfibers at national level.
– Reduces the temperature on the applied surface up to 25ºC.

Protective treatment


Invisible finish

– Anti-humidity.
– Invisible.
– UV resistant.
– Anti-moss.
– Weatherproof.
– Self-cleaning


Invisible finish

– Invisible.
– Walkable
– Anti-humidity, anti-moss and anti-spots
– UV Resistant

Waterproof band


Good initial adhesion

– Versatile and easy to use.
– Strong sealing.
– Excellent resistance to weathering and UV rays.
– Multi-materials.

Comparative table

Aqua Protect

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