Primers COOL-R


Selena has a range of specialized primers for each type of support, thus covering the entire range of materials that the user can find in the market.

If you’re going to use the COOL-R system, the primers that you should use depending on the surface are:


• COOL-R PRIMER: Monocomponent primer in aqueous base. It’s dedicated to non-absorbent surface to create proper adhesion. Recommended specially for concrete and asphalt sheet.

• COOL-R RUST AC: Two-component aqueous base primer. Recommended for oxidized surfaces.


If instead the system is COOL-R XD, COOL-R XL+D, COOL-R XS, COOL-R XD (i), COOL-R XL (i), o COOL-R XL+D (i), then the recommended primers are:


• COOL-R PRIMER W700: Two component aqueous base primer. Especially recommending for supports with a moisture content greater than 4%. It’s applied on concrete.

• COOL-R PRIMER R700: Monocomponent PU primer with zinc and iron oxide content. They maintain strong anti-corrosive characteristics, so it’s recommended for oxidized surfaces.

• COOL-R PRIMER C700: Monocomponent PU primer that gives excellent adhesion to porous substrates. It’s dedicated to surfaces where existing porosity must be sealed with a resin that penetrates the substrate. Recommended for cement, concrete and asphalt sheet.

• COOL-R PRIMER M700: Monocomponent primer for fast curing PU. It provides excellent adhesion to difficult substrates such as metals or non-porous ceramics. It’s recommended for metal, ceramic tiles, brick, old concrete, glass, stainless steel, old floor surfaces.