Renew your room with a decorative panel


You don’t need a major reform to give a new air to your living room or another room in your home. Changing the appearance of the walls can be as simple as adhering decorative panels that, in addition to beautifying, allow to increase thermal and acoustic insulation by decreasing energy expenditure. You can choose modern or rustic finishes according to your tastes since there’s a wide variety of models in the market to choose from.

Our adhesive foam Orbafoam Fixation 60 sec will allow you to mount your decorative Wall quickly and clean almost without staining. In addition, you can use this foam for the other purposes since our adhesive for foam fixing boasts power with everything: gypsum board, chipboard, AAC, alfeizar, EPS/XPS, porexpan boards and sheets, and more.


• 3D decorative panels
Orbafoam Fixation 60 Sec
• Applicator gun (unless you’re going to use 60 seconds in cannula)
• Orbafoam Cleaner


Step by step:

1. Clean the Surface with a damp cloth to remove traces of dust.

2. Put on the gloves, shake the boat tightly, connect the gun and use the container upside down. You can also use the Orbafoam Fixation 60 sec, for which you won’t require a gun.

3. Apply adhesive foam around the perimeter of the panel and zigzag through the center. Be careful not to apply too much so that it doesn’t spread outside the piece when placing it.

4. Wait 60 seconds for the product to air.

5. Press the panel hard on the surface.

6. You’ll have 3 minutes to correct and press.

7. Close the gun completely and clean it with our Orbafoam Cleaner.

If necessary, you can remove the fresh foam with the same Orbafoam Cleaner used to clean the gun. In addition, we also have a Orbafoam Remover Dry Foam.



Before pressing the decorative panel against the Surface, present both elements, separete them and put them together again to increase the speed of curing.