Enhancing Performance in Construction and Renovation Projects

In the world of construction and renovation, it’s crucial to utilize products that optimize performance. Quilosa offers solutions that enable you to complete projects faster, reduce costs, and boost profits.

Certified Quality for Building Trust

Quality assurance in renovation and construction projects is not merely an advantage; it’s a necessity. We are pioneering new solutions and products specifically designed to empower professionals. From sealing techniques that withstand the test of time to innovations that provide years of protection against moisture, mold, and crack-resistant solutions for wall corners, discover why other professionals like you choose us for their projects.

Superior Sealing

Our sealants stand out for their unmatched weather resistance, flexibility, and adhesion strength, safeguarding structures against environmental factors. These products are not only easy to apply but also create a long-lasting barrier, effectively blocking moisture and air infiltration, contributing to improved energy efficiency and overall comfort in residential and commercial buildings.

Sealing with 15 years of protection against moisture and mold

  • Highest performance for joints prone to moisture
  •  Versatile applications in sanitary ware
  • 15-year anti-mold warranty for sanitary installations
baño perfecto

Wood sealant with a wide range of colors

  • Extensible up to 1000%
  • Can be painted and varnished
  • Wide range of wood colors
  • Good weather resistance
sintesel madera

Fixes all types of materials in 60 seconds

  • Initial grip in 60 seconds
  • Ready for use, free of dust and dirt
  • Full cure in 24 hours
fijación 60 segundos

Protects walls from cracks in 10 minutes

  • Unmatched crack filling solutions
  • Maximum performance for professional finishing work
  • Innovative formula for immediate application
AC-47 silicona alto rendimiento
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