We present Ultra Fast 70

Selena Group has done it again! Since August 2019, Quilosa markets the new generation of ORBAFOAM mounting foams that accelerate the installation of doors and windows.

Grupo Selena, owner of the Quilosa brand, and one of the three largest producers of polyurethane foams in the world, has developed a new technology that opens with Professional Ultra Fast 70 foam. Its innovative formulation significantly reduces cutting time, which allows to reduce the installation time of doors and windows, which will allow installers to carry out many more projects. While the fastest conventional foams take 30 minutes to cut, the ORBAFOAM Ultra Fast 70 is ready for it 10 minutes.

In addition, Ultra Fast 70 cures completely in 90 minutes, which is a breakthrough compared to other foams available in the market that normally have a cure time of 24 hours. In this way, work organization and task management at construction sites become even more effective.

Another advantage of this innovative product is that it yields 70 liters. Up to this moment, the foam with the highest yield was 60 liters and the average in the market for this type of products was 30 liters. This advantage implies that with an Ultra Fast 70 foam canister, the installer will do the work he would normally do with two foam canisters. This translates into the fact that Ultra Fast 70 foam is very profitable at € / liter and that there is no need to change the gun from one boat to another, extending its life.

The «fast and realiable construction¡» it is the concept on which ORBAFOAM Professional Ultra Fast 70 foam is based, a concept that arose from the obvious need expressed by users: door and window installers and owners of installation companies that were looking for a way to Reduce work time. The research and development department of the Selena Group has created a foam with the shortest working time on the market, taking care that the quality of the product was excellent. This is evident in the perfect structure of the cells, the low expansion and its acoustic insulation of 63 decibels.

Selena Group, and specifically Quilosa, pursues with its strategy to respond to the needs of the end user. The foam manufacturer is placing great emphasis on ensuring that its products are not only synonymous with quality assurance and innovation, but also support the business of its customers. By understanding users’ needs and responding flexibly to changes in the industry, Ultra Fast 70 foam increases work efficiency at construction sites and has a real impact on the business development of window and door installers.

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