We have reformulated our company’s most versatile product to cover, even more so, the applications most demanded by our users. After an intensive study of the needs of construction professionals, our R+D department has improved its formula and after exhaustive testing on our equipment by subjecting it to temperature changes and different stresses, it is ready to present it to you.

It proves its high resistance to extreme bonding and at the same time to delicate surfaces. Use it to bond on wet surfaces and even in immersion. Seals together outdoors joints thanks to its very high resistance to UV rays. Its versatility makes MS35 the best professional product for bonding, sealing, repairing and refilling.

Your usual product more up-to-date than ever!

All materials


Extreme Bonding

Highly adhesive

Humid Surfaces

Even underwater

New MS-35: Extreme Sealing and Bonding


  • High mechanical resistance
  • 600% Elasticity.
  • Resistant to weathering and UV rays.
  • Its adhesion is perfect for almost all construction materials.
  • Sustainable product: free of isocyanates and solvents.
  • Adheres wet and immersion.
  • Paintable.
  • Product valid for sealing clean rooms and indirect food contact


• Sealing of non-structural façade joints: expansion and static.
• Filling of joints and fissures in pavements and facades.
• Elastic bonding and sealing of construction elements (tiles, baseboards, interior and exterior panels).
• Sealed metal covers.
• Carpentry sealing to work.
• Passable floor joints.
• Repair of pipes, gutters and downspouts even in humidity.
• Bonding of decorative elements.
• Non-structural sealing and gluing of caravans, container bodies and industry in general.

Technical features




PVC Plastic

Cristal espejos

Glass mirrors


Cement Concrete

Excelent Adhesion

All materials

Interior and exterior (-40º > 90ºC) UV Resistent

Even on humid and under water


Mold resistant


Usage examples

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PackageContentColourCodeBarcode Ean13Units per box
CARTRIDGE0.3 LITROCREAM RAL 101510042714841172914779224
CARTRIDGE0.3 LITROBROWN PU10042929841172920982724
CARTRIDGE0.3 LITROGREY10043791841172960020424
CARTRIDGE0.3 LITROBLACK10043797841172961291724
CARTRIDGE0.3 LITROWHITE10043798841172961325924
BAG0.6 LITROWHITE10043904841172996693512
BAG0.6 LITROGREY10043907841172997105212
BAG0.6 LITROBROWN10042804841172917541212

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