Fast work, immediate fixation

Feel in your hands the super power of getting everything you set out for in terms of professional fixing.

Thanks to the new exclusive technology of Selena MS HYBRID you will be able to fix, glue and seal all kinds of materials, in the most adverse conditions and in the fastest way, achieving an extreme force with excellent durability over time.


Immediate grip

400 KG/CM²

Maximum resistance


Fast dry

Power Fix: The perfect assembly adhesive


• Fixation of elements where a immediate resistant and flexible bonding is required.
• All type applications: Panels, skirting boards, door frames, sanitary accessories, metal and plastic parts, sheets, mirrors, insulation boards, prefabricated elements, chipboard panels, industrial bodywork…
• Multimaterials: Brick, metal, marble, stone, wood, ceramics, polystyrene, PVC, HDF, MDF, mirrors, glass, cork and others. Note: Do not use for PE, PP, teflon and bituminous substrates.

Technical features




PVC Plastic

Glass mirrors



Concrete Cement

Extreme force

Shock and Vibration resistance

Indoor and outdoor (-40º > 90ºC) UV Resistance

Seal and fill


Even humid and immersion

Usage examples

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Package Content Colour Code Barcode Ean13 Units per box
CARTRIDGE 0.29 LITRO WHITE T033373 8411729333737 6
CARTRIDGE 0.29 LITRO BLACK T033381 8411729333812 6
CARTRIDGE 0.29 LITRO CREAM T033399 8411729333997 6
CARTRIDGE 0.29 LITRO BROWN T033415 8411729334154 6
CARTRIDGE 0.29 LITRO GREY T040006 8411729400064 6

Tips and applications