Self-adhesive, bitumen waterproofing tape protected with aluminum film. Its strong adherent power makes it ideal for sealing, waterproofing and protecting any surface.


  • Versatile and easy to use. Easy and rapid cold application.
  • Excellent resistance to weathering and UV rays.
  • Good initial sealing and strong adherence.
  • Great adherence to metals, wood, marble, ceramic, concrete, stone and some types of plastic.

• Protection and repair of different types of roofing (metal, plastic, fiber-cement).
• Sealing of frames and skylights, railings, glass and plastic structures.
• Sealing of concrete joints, covering of openings between window frames and walls.
• Repair of tiles, gutters, metal tubes, fiber-cement roofs and metal panels.

Package Content Colour Code Barcode Ean13 Units per box
ROLL 0 ALUMINIUM 10003753 8411729021887 3
ROLL 0 BLACK 10024903 8411729108199 3
ROLL 0 ALUMINIUM 10024904 8411729108274 1
ROLL 0 TERRACOTTA 10024945 8411729108434 1
ROLL 0 BLACK 10024907 8411729124359 1
ROLL 0 TERRACOTTA 10003756 8411729108434 3
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