Elastoplastic sealant based on modified acrylic resins.


  • Monocomponent sealant with easy application and excellent weather resistance. It is compatible with most of the materials used in construction (concrete, wood, brick, natural and artificial stones, etc.)
  • Due to its elastoplastic characteristic does not transmit tensions to the edges of the joint.

• General use sealant for joints with movements less than 7.5%., And cracks in facades and walls, both outside and inside.
• Sealing door and window frames inside.
• Sealing and filling of cracks in plaster and masonry.
• Finishing work on skirting boards, moldings and cabinets.

Package Content Colour Code Barcode Ean13 Units per box
CARTRIDGE 0.29 LITRO WHITE 10042400 8411729059262 12
CARTRIDGE 0.29 LITRO GREY 10042401 8411729059347 12
CARTRIDGE 0.29 LITRO BROWN 10042495 8411729080037 12
CARTRIDGE 0.3 LITRO BRICK 10042496 8411729080112 12
CARTRIDGE 0.29 LITRO BLACK 10042497 8411729080297 12
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