Waterproofing membrane for express repairs. Based on MS technology, capable of making repairs in just 5 minutes. Product ready to use.


  • Suitable for wet areas.
  • High filling and bridging capacity for cracks and crevices.
  • High resistance to stagnant water and ultraviolet rays and different weather conditions.
  • Can be applied without primer.
  • Very good adhesion to wide range of common construction MATTrials (concrete, cement, ceramic tiles, roof tiles, etc.)
  • High elasticity (up to 400 %).
  • Paintable.

• Specially indicated for the reconstruction and repair of leaks, singular points in terraces, canalizations, gutters, downpipes, pipes and drains. Applicable on all types of surfaces: joints in chimneys, skylights and ventilation outlets, roof to vertical wall junctions, protection of vertical and horizontal anchors (lightning rods, satellite dishes and lighting) and work on vertical or inclined planes.

Package Content Colour Code Barcode Ean13 Units per box
POT 1 KILOGRAMO WHITE 10043464 8411729424817 6
POT 1 KILOGRAMO GREY 10043467 8411729425319 6
POT 1 KILOGRAMO TERRACOTTA 10043468 8411729425494 6
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