Liquid resin with new reflective technology reinforced with ultrafine microfibers that contributes to energy saving and efficiency. High level of solar reflectance and emissivity that releases most of the absorbed heat and reflects UV rays, reducing the temperature on the applied surface, thus achieving a significant improvement in thermal comfort inside the building.


  • High level of solar reflectance and emissivity (SRI=89).
  • Great resistance to micro-cracks.
  • Extended elasticity (300%).
  • Low water absorbtion.
  • High durability – up to 15 years.
  • High resistance to changing weather conditions, ensuring high and stable. quality of repairs for many years.

• Renovation of coverings on new and old concrete roofs, metal roofs, old and new bituminous roofs and tiles and gutters without standing water. Should be applied with roller. It is compatible with different type of surfaces such as bitumen sheeting, concrete, ceramic tiles, galvanized steel sheet, stainless steel and aluminum. Ambient temperature during application from +15°C to 35°C.

PackageContentColourCodeBarcode Ean13Units per box
DRUM20 KILOGRAMOWHITE1004162984117294213591
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