Neutral cross-linking silicone rubber sealant.


  • One component sealant, easy to apply, crosslinkable at room temperature. Its low module ensures a minimum tension on the joint during its contraction and expansion process. Excellent adhesion, very versatile. Unalterable by the action of water, the sun and, in general, the weather. It does not contract or crack.

• Glazing sealing.
• Sealing carpentry to work and carpentry with each other.
• Sealing of bathrooms and kitchens.
• For sealing joints in construction (expansion, static, etc.).
Due to its cross-linking and its low modulus, it can be used for deformable and watertight bonding between very different materials with different expansion coefficients.

PackageContentColourCodeBarcode Ean13Units per box
CARTRIDGE0.29 LITROGREY1004241484117290612276
CARTRIDGE0.29 LITROALUMINIUM1004241784117290617156
CARTRIDGE0.29 LITROBROWN1004242284117290622176
CARTRIDGE0.29 LITROBLACK1004242384117290626206
CARTRIDGE0.29 LITROBRONZE1004242484117290627056
CARTRIDGE0.29 LITROBRICK1004242584117290628806
CARTRIDGE0.29 LITROCREAM1004243184117290643726
CARTRIDGE0.29 LITRORED1004249884117290803726
CARTRIDGE0.29 LITROGREEN1004249984117290804576
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