Wall cladding installation system with FAST & PRO plates.


Project carried out: Remodelling of a high-end home
Construction company: O&S Chamber SL
Project manager: Alberto Rodríguez Reyes
Work carried out: Directly attached to brick wall, with plastering of interior walls and dividing partitions. Part of the total area worked, which consisted of 700m2, was clad with pieces of natural marble. The rest of the surface was clad with laminated plasterboard.

For this project Alberto Rodríguez chose our innovative Plate Fixation adhesive foam.    . Normally, for this type of project, traditional grip paste is used which involves preparation time and effort in transferring the bags and in making the mixture.  The first benefit Alberto’s team found was that our Plate Fixation foam is ready to use, does not require preparation and guarantees total work efficiency, thus saving time and effort.

“I calculate that with this product I have saved 50% of time and physical effort compared to using traditional grip paste without losing adhesion capacity. I fixed 18 3m plates without stopping in less than a day and above all with much less physical effort since it takes less time to set and does not require hitting the plate to make sure it fixes in the correct place. “ Alberto Rodríguez Reyes – O&S Chamber SL

Among other benefits, using the Plate Fixation foam in this type of project allows for corrections to be made when the foam is still half-set, since it allows for correcting and levelling during the first 5 minutes. In the event of poor cladding and fixing of the plates, it allows us to remove the plate, wait for the foam to dry and clean both the plate and the wall without any problems. A similar error, having used a traditional grip paste, would in all probability mean the loss of the plate, also leaving dirt and debris on the wall that are more difficult to remove.

The ease of cleaning on site is remarkable, any excess foam that may fall on an unwanted area, such as the floor or the subframes, is easily cleaned by letting it dry and removing it with a spatula. And above all there is less dust and everything is easier to clean.


For this type of application it is very important to soak the surface well before attaching the plate with the foam to ensure a good setting.

When applying the foam to the plate, always do so with the plate in a horizontal position parallel to the ground to make sure not to waste any product.

Advantages of installing plasterboard with Quilosa's plate fixation adhesive foam

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