Insulation system three barriers

We have the three barriers system, a professional system that eliminates thermal bridges efficiently and permanently.

It provides excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.

Sistema 3 barreras Quilosa


  • Durable thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Air and water tightness and steam control
  • Resistance against torrential rain

A professional installation of windows and doors using our highly developed products will result in:

Without PRO ENERGY system

With PRO ENERGY system

A reduction of thermal bridges and a saving of energy and sound, which improves coexistence.

Preserving insulation, preventing thus the formation of mould inside the home.

Getting a professional and timely finish with our products.

Thanks to our own factory, Quilosa achieves a unique formula for its foams ideal for climatic zones and constructions.

The main material used in our products is polyurethane foam and they are certified, which ensures safety when using them.

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