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    How long does it take to dry the Silicone 1000 Uses?

    A cord of 3-4mm takes about 24h to dry.

    I need a product for bonding of painted glass, wood and plasterboard panels.

    We recommend our assembly adhesive Fix invisible. If you need it to be stronger, the Power Fix would be appropriate product.

    How can a trouser stained with Sintesel be washed?

    Since it is an acrylic base product, you can immerse the trousers in hot water so that the sealant softens. Then, remove it by using some mechanical means, such as a fiber scourer or brush. Another option is to immerse the stained area in aromatic solvent.

    What product would work for sealing and bounding an aluminum profile lacquered with polycarbonate that will be outdoors?

    We recommend our silicone Orbasil N-39 for these types of materials.

    What product can I use for PVC edging?

    We recommend Sintex DM-30.