Quilosa has products manufactured with the latest technologies available in the market and thus respond to the demand and emerging requirements that occur in it.

For this, we have an innovative R&D department in direct contact with the technological advances of development and application of all our products developing synergies with our suppliers, customers and the manufacturers of machinery applicators of our adhesives.

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Adhesives in water dispersion (water base)

Adhesives based on dispersions of modified synthetic organic polymers to adapt them to all industrial applications.

They are ready-to-use products, easy to use and clean; suitable for gluing a multitude of materials such as wood, paper, cardboard, laminates, metals, plastics, foams or skins.

They allow to obtain high resistance and reliability glued. In special formulations, high water resistance is achieved.

These products are widely used in the wood and furniture industry, packaging, graphic arts, etc.

BRANDS: Unifix, Uniwex, Aklesil.

Termofusible or Hot Melts Adhesives


Hot melts are thermoplastic solid adhesives at room temperature that are applied once melted creating a fast and solid bond at the time of cooling.

They produce a physical adhesion and a mechanical anchor.

These products allow to improve the performance of the work process thanks to its bonding speed, without drying or curing. They are also suitable for application in porous and non-porous materials.

Due to its characteristics, these types of products are used to manufacture mattresses, furniture, moldings, books, closed boxes and cardboard boxes, etc.

BRANDS: Sintex D, Sintex DM, Sintex DP, Sintex C, Sintex ÉLITE, Sintex R, Sintex E.

Termofusible Reagent Adhesives


Reactive hot melts combine the characteristics of a thermoplastic hot melt with moisture-reactive cure systems.

Initial bonding is a physical process like that of a thermoplastic hot melt but in a second phase a chemical reaction occurs with a cross-linking process with the ambient humidity and the substrate moisture.

This allows to obtain thermosetting products with high resistance to temperature and humidity.

The use of these products is increasingly extended to industrial sectors where there are requirements for high resistance values.


Solvent Based Adhesives


They are adhesives based on rubbers and resins in organic solvent solution.

The bonding process occurs after evaporation of the solvent.

They are harmful products that require conditioned application systems to ensure proper vapor extraction. Many of these products are contact adhesives that allow instant bonding on non-porous materials.

These products are used in applications for bonding non-porous materials such as metals or in cases where an easy and instantaneous application process is required: bonding of skins, footwear, bonding of plastic floors, etc.

BRANDS: Bunitex, Sintex H.




They are polyurethane adhesives that polymerize with atmospheric humidity in the case of monocomponents or as a result of the reaction of a polyol with an isocyanate in the case of bicomponents.

They are very versatile products that offer high resistance and good adhesions on many materials.

They also have very good resistance to chemicals.

Its use is widespread in the manufacture of insulation and construction sandwich panels, special doors and other applications where high strength is required.

BRANDS: Multifix, Sintex PU.



– MS based adhesives
– Urea-formalin glues
– Cyanoacrylates


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