What are the differences between a cleaner and a PU foam remover? Learn to use them.


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If you are a construction or renovation professional and polyurethane foam is among your tools, these two allies cannot be missing in your essential work. In Quilosa we have two options to clean the polyurethane foam depending on whether it is fresh or cured:

  • If the foam is still fresh, then Orbafoam Cleaner for PU Foam is your best option. The cleaner is used to remove the newly applied foam without leaving any residue. It is also ideal for degreasing metal surfaces before applying silicones and polyurethane. On certain surfaces such as plastic, PVC or polyethylene, we recommend you try the cleaner in a poorly visible place before use.
    The design of its head with double functionality allows it to be used as an aerosol or adapted to your gun to leave it clean again and perfect for its next use.
    It is also suitable for cleaning silicone debris.


  • Orbafoam Remover Cured Pu Foam is your best ally to remove already cured polyurethane foam. With it you can clean and remove dry PU foam residue on different surfaces such as aluminum, PVC, glass, ceramics, without damaging them in specific areas. Not for general cleaning.
    It is ultra-fast dissolving the foam in 1-2 minutes and then removing it with a cloth or similar. If whitened remains appear, you can remove it with the Orbafoam Cleaner for Pu Foam.
    It does not irritate the skin, it has a pleasant smell and is easy to use thanks to its comfortable spray format container. If the surface is delicate, we recommend you apply it with a cotton soaked in product.

Now that you know the differences, enjoy our products using them properly!