Panel mounting – Glued and Sealed

Bonding of light façade panels using the Fix Panels system: elastic fixing of panels without mechanical anchors, ease of assembly, absorbs movements and vibrations. Reduces mechanical stresses, high resistance to moisture and temperature changes.


1. Cleaning the panel and battens when necessary, primer will be applied on the panel.

2. Installation of the Fix Panels double-sided tape on the track.

3. Application of Fix Panles adhesive on the strip.

4. Paste the panel.



Sealing of composite, fiber cement or ceramic panels. High elastic products that absorb the movements and vibrations to which the panels are subjected by the action of changes in temperature, wind, etc.
The products we recommend are:


• Neutral silicones: Orbasil N-26, Orbasil N-25, Orbasil N-16, Orbasil N-09 Construction.

• PU Sealant: Sintex PU-40.

• MS Sealant: Sintex MS-20.



Adhesives with excellent initial adhesion, for the universal assembly and fixing of all types of materials (porous and non porous) both outdoors and indoors. Eliminates the need to use nails or screws in coating works.



MS Instant


• Immediate grip

• Adheres in wet and immersion

• Elastic

• Multimaterials



Instant fixation of metal and plastic parts, panels, sheets, mirrors, chipboards panels, industrial bodywork…where a Strong and flexible bonding is required immediately.



Sintex PU-60


• High strength, up to 250kg/10cm2

• High initial grip

• Shocks shock and vibration



Elastic bonding in construction and industry. Windows sills, interior paneling, glued on stairs, skirting boards and parquet. Construction and repair of bodies, caravans, containers, shipbuilding industry.


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