Assembly of light and ventilated fachades

Fachada Quilosa

The construction sector is constantly changing, the building systems of ventilated façade becoming more frequent.

Fix Panel  is an adhesive developed for fixing and anchoring ventilated facade panels. The workplace must be well prepared and organized.


The assembly of the ventilated facade has the following steps:

1. Mark the position where the first panel is to be glued.

2. Place the aluminum track in vertical to create the structure where we will glue the ventilated facade panels.

3. With the aluminum strip already installed, we place the double-sided tape vertically integrated into the strip.

4. Once the tape is fixed, we apply the adhesive cord Fix Panels parallel to the double-sided tape.

5. We place the panel on the strip within 10 minutes, being instantly fixed, getting an adhesion on the structure without the use of screws and avoiding the oxidation of the classic mechanical anchoring systems.



Each panel is manufactured in different types of materials, each one being different from the previous one, so it’s very important to ensure a good fixation by carrying out specific previous tests of the panel with the system that’s going to be used.

Our labboratories carry out these tests, thus ensuring the best system for each type of panel and track.



• Absorbe movement and vibrations
• Better resistance
• New designs (curved constructions)
• Hidden fixations providing aesthetic improvements
• Easy assembly
• More resistant and durable facades
• More economical and less maintenance



Fix panels Adhesive
Fix panels
Primer C-29