First adhesive with high initial tack and immediate bonding presented in foam format. The innovative TYTACK technology revolutionizes traditional bonding systems.

Get a perfect adhesion in masonry work

Orbafoam Fixing 60 Seconds is a foam fixing adhesive that can be used without primer in most applications.

To obtain the best possible results and lasting adhesion, make sure that the surfaces to be joined are well prepared.



The first thing is to make sure that the surfaces are compact and solid.

Check for cracks and imperfections in the materials to be fixed and, if necessary, remove them.

Make sure it is free of dust and loose particles, this dirt can be removed mechanically (for example, with a brush) or with compressed air.

All fatty substances, including some coatings, will drastically reduce the adhesive strength and must be removed before applying the adhesive. Most of these fats

They can be removed manually with a cloth or sanding paper.

The materials that are normally coated with the objective of being used in high humidity conditions may be some OSB, metal profiles, treated wood, some brands of EPS & XPS.




Remove the cap. Put on protective gloves. You will find them attached to the inside of the cap. Remove the black cap from the adapter to access the valve. Shake the container well before use, from top to bottom for about 30 seconds.

Screw the gun into the spray and make sure it is securely fastened.

Use the container in an inverted position, it is your working position. Use the regulator at the rear end of the gun to dose the amount of adhesive to apply.

Apply foam adhesive




Remove the cap. Put on protective gloves. You will find them attached to the inside of the cap. Shake the container well before use, from top to bottom for about 30 seconds.

Fully screw the applicator cannula into the valve.

The product should be used with the container in an inverted position and in well ventilated areas. We will regulate the dosage by pressing the cannula trigger.

Apply foam adhesive.




Orbafoam Fixing 60 Seconds can only be used to lift walls with calibrated materials such as concrete blocks and ceramic bricks with hollow space, both calibrated.

Before applying the first layer of Orbafoam Fixation 60 Seconds make sure that the surfaces to be fixed are flat and even.

Follow the surface preparation instructions for a firm and lasting bond.

First measure the distance of the designed wall and plan how the blocks or bricks are going to be laid. In order for the wall to be perfectly level and plumb, it is necessary that the first wall layer be made with traditional mortar.


Laces should be applied on the top of the wall, not on loose bricks before laying. Apply enough adhesive to stick no more than 2-3 bricks.


For bricks of less than 15 cm apply a single bead of adhesive in the center.

For bricks of more than 15 cm apply 2 cords making sure that they are about 4- 5 cm to the edge, so that it does not overflow.



You have 1 minute to correct the position of the bricks. Orbafoam Fixing 60 Seconds dries quickly, so be sure to immediately place the brick or block in its final position. When you are done with the first layer of bricks, you can immediately start placing the next layer. The wall will reach its maximum resistance at 24 hours, at this time it is when you can apply layers of finish, such as plaster.


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