A tape for every need

You don’t know which tape to choose? We help you identify the most appropriate one according to your need.

If you want a tape for DIY work and for all kinds of home repairs, your tape is Duct Tape. It serves to repair, seal, paste, fix and insulate. Adheres to rubber, leather, wood, metal, plastic, canvas, etc.

To fix any type of object in a very simple, fast and safe way, you need the 2-Sided Standard Tape. Fix all kinds of objects: bathroom accessories, plates, wall clocks, decoration, signs, mailboxes, etc.

The 2-Sided Premium Tape has an excellent internal resistance with 100% final fixation, with high strength reinforcement mesh. Its use is recommended in: plates, hooks, alarm systems, hangers, mirrors, boards, signage, etc.

To join cables of any type that are in contact with water and high voltage, you need the Self-Fusing Rubber Tape. Its use is recommended in: electrical cables, electrical connections, pipe leaks, leaks…etc.

The Self-Fusing Silicone Tape is great for any repair we can find. From conduits, electrical cables, rubbers, handles or pipes. Use in: plumbing, waterproofing, automotive, sanitation, insulation and gardening.

The painter’s tape, or also known as Masking Tape, is composed of 110 microns thick, made of crepe paper coated with silicone oil and a face of water-based acrylic adhesive. It is used in:

• Surface masking for spray, paint, lacquer and plaster applications.

• Masking of the car body during painting.

• Protection of metal, plastic and glass surfaces against scratches.

• Sharp edge coating to increase safety.

• Placing small technical components (such as transistors) by sticking them to the tapes.

• Protection of mirrors and glass edges against chipping.

• Splicing tapes and sheets of paper.

If you’re looking for an acrylic adhesive tape to pack, you need a Packing Tape. It’s used both for packaging, light cardboard closure applications, sheet wrap, label protection, etc.


What tape do you need today?