Furniture “new” effect with sanding and acrylic paint


How many times do we see that our furniture is screaming for a makeover, we are not willing to spend money on changing them, but neither do we see the proper way to restore them?

Although they are strong and resistant furniture that have lasted for a long time, the marks of scratches or bumps are visible and it is necessary to give them a new image.

Our friend Pepe Escobar, @entrebrochasytornillos, gives us a practical case and tells us the steps to follow to get some sidewalks that are over 25 years old, have a renewed look and look as if they were new.

The process is simple and consists of the following steps:

  • Perform a good sanding machine (first coarse grain to remove old varnishes and then fine grain to soften). On the surface of the sidewalks, and then when sanding, apply a coat of natural gloss wax.
  • Next, use Ral Acrylic Paint General Use spray to paint the surface of the legs (matt white)
  • Revise with another coat of paint to get the desired finish.

From Quilosa we want to thank Pepe for his useful advice and for trusting our Quilosa products.