Get ready for the new season of Terraces and Gardens

As soon as the good weather approaches, enjoying an aperitif outside becomes a priority for many. The countdown to the arrival of the next season has begun and so that you have the perfect setting, we help you prepare the outdoor spaces with tailor-made solutions for every need.

Artificial grass installation system

The choice of the type of system to use to achieve the best result in the installation of artificial grass depends on the size of the area to be covered.                                                                           For large sports and recreational areas and garden areas in general, the highest efficiency is obtained with the use of our BP-390 2-component polyurethane Adhesive and Bonding Band. Our adhesive offers excellent resistance to weathering and humidity and its yield is 500 g / m2. After 24 hours of application, the product is fully cured and reaches its final grip strength after 72 hours.

Know the step by step for the installation with this system::

1. Prepare the product, mix the two components until the color and texture are uniforrm.
2. Raise the sides of the grass rolls leaving a separation of about 30cms and place the band between the two pieces.
3. Apply the adhesive on the band with the help of a spatula.
4. Join the 2 pieces and press placing some weight on top to ensure proper adhesion and firmness.

soluciones para césped artificial
Paso_a_Paso_Instalacion_ Cesped

For medium-sized areas, very common in restaurants, attics, terraces and gardens, the recommendation is to use, in addition to the bonding strip, our special MS Mono-component adhesive for artificial grass. Its super elastic formula, sticks on wet and has excellent resistance to the outside. Its installation is very easy and practical. After placing the bonding band, just apply a bead of the adhesive in a zig-zag pattern on the bonding band and spread with the help of a spatula. Next, join the 2 pieces and press, placing some weight on top to ensure proper adhesion.

Already for small areas, such as terraces, uses in decoration and perimeter areas, there is no need to use the joining band. The adhesive is applied directly to the surface, without forgetting to clean the surface well beforehand. After its application, the grass must be pressing, placing some weight on it to make it firm.

Pool Repair and Sealing 

We present you two allies for setting up your pool. For sealing joints in swimming pools and areas in permanent contact with water, our Pool Sealer offers maximum performance. This neutral silicone is resistant to both chlorinated and saltwater and UV rays.

Now, if you already have a full pool, our Pool Putty is your solution for gluing, filling, and repairing wet and even immersed. This MS repair adhesive comes with a multi-position cannula and in a pool blue color, facilitating its application. With our solutions, you will not miss a single tile this season.

Exterior sealing

The execution of exterior projects with decks, pergola, flowerpots, and other similar elements require special attention and superior resistance. For all these jobs, we offer two solutions that guarantee professional results.

Our FIX PU Xtream adhesive has been developed for the most demanding bonding on all types of materials. With it you can glue wooden structures together or in combination with concrete, mortar, artificial grass, ceramic, stone or metal. It has great filling capacity and is resistant to fresh and marine water. We can find it in two formats: liquid and cartridge. Speaking of extreme adhesions, we could not stop recommending our Power Fix Instant Strong from Quilosa’s FAST & PRO range.

Sellados  en Exterior

This MS technology adhesive offers immediate fixation of all types of materials with immediate grip, in just 3sec. The adhesion is so strong that it can be loaded after 30 min.


The main reason for many of the outdoor gatherings, the barbecue. It tests the resistance of materials to high temperatures. Both the most traditional and the most modern models need proper maintenance so that their functionality and aesthetics do not compromise the success of the project.

Bricofix Barbecue and Fireplace is our refractory mortar recommended for barbecues and fireplaces. It is ideal for the assembly and anchoring of bricks, refractory tiles, solid or hollow concrete blocks, terracotta, subjected to high temperatures. For permanent repairs and sealing of joints, cracks, and fissures, our Refractory Putty offers resistance to direct fire and temperatures up to 1500ºC.

Soluciones para Barbacoas

PVC Adhesives for irrigation and swimming pools

The natural beauty of terraces and gardens are usually guaranteed by efficient irrigation systems. Whether manual or automated, your structure needs professional installation to avoid wasting water and loss of capacity..

To help in the repairs of the pipes of these systems, you can count on our Sintex PVC adhesive. A universal adhesive valid for rigid and flexible PVC that resists up to 16 bars of nominal pressure and allows joining tubes with a clearance of up to 0.6mm.

 Ready for the terrace and garden season? Choose your Quilosa solution for the maintenance of your outdoor areas and don’t waste a minute worrying during the next season.

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