Roof rehabilitation of the Candelaria Sports hall


  • Property: Candelaria City Council
  • Year of works completion: December 2017.
  • Architect: David Ignacio Rodríguez Amador.
  • Entity: Candelaria City Council.
  • Systems used: COOL-R System: Waterproofing thermo-reflexive liquid membrane applied on metal sheet.
  • Supplier: Selena Iberia, S.L.U.
  • Installer: Impermeabilizaciones Machado, S.L.


The repair of the pitch roof was significantly deteriorated with some oxidation degree all over it, causing thus dampness inside the building and even the presence of water.

The solution proposed by the City Council in the first instance was to remove the metal sheet on the bottom part of the current roof and replace it by an acoustic perforated one.

The problem was that the existing sheet had been discontinued and therefore it could not be replaced in its entirety.

We contacted the City Council to propose them a solution for an efficient rehabilitation and to solve the existing damp and leak problems.

The solution proposed by Selena Iberia comprised the following phases:

  1. Cleaning of the whole roof, including a special treatment for the oxidized parts.
  2. Replacement of the whole dismantled bay by sheets with similar features.
  3. Thermo-reflexive waterproof coating of 1,2 mm thickness, applied by installers certified by Selena Iberia, thus guaranteeing both product and workforce: turnkey solution.

The COOL-R waterproof and thermo-reflexive coating allows the achievement of an energy saving in the maintenance of the premises due to the reflexion of the sunlight, preventing the temperature increase inside the building.

In addition, by using this system, the City Council of Candelaria is also helping to reduce the Heat Island effect, since those savings result directly in a lower emission of CO2 in the atmosphere.

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