Renewal of the AENOR Product Certification as brand N

Last week the renewal of the AENOR Product Certification was confirmed as an N mark for the products: Orbasil K-95, Orbasil N-26, Orbasil N16, and Sintex PU-40.

The AENOR N Mark is the symbol of product quality and safety, backed by an independent third party, AENOR, a leader in certification. It is not mandatory; It is the manufacturer who voluntarily submits his product to a complete examination by independent bodies and specialists, which shows that an organization, product, process or service meets the requirements defined in standards or technical specifications.                                                                                  To certify each product, AENOR develops a particular certification system in which the technical standards and specifications, the certification procedures, and the applicable particularities are indicated.

Sello de la Cerificación de Producto Aenor como marca N

It evidences compliance with the requirements defined in standards or technical specifications and constitutes a differentiating element in the market, improving the image of the products and generating trust between customers and consumers:

  • Trust towards the organization itself and towards clients, shareholders, employees, public administrations, and the company’s social environment.
  • Confidence in the quality and safety of your products and service..

At Quilosa we constantly work to maintain the highest quality of our solutions in order to improve construction processes, providing sustainable innovative solutions that contribute to the optimization of preparation and execution times, improving the experience of construction professionals during the application of our products.

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