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Orbafoam Fixation 60 seconds
No stumbles or hassle
Learn about the emergency beacon project carried out by Instalaciones Eléctricas M2 with the help of Orbafoam Fixation 60 seconds.
Aquariums and Terrariums Sealing
Find out why it is important to use a specific silicone for aquariums and their different applications from assembly to repairs.
What are the differences between a...
If you are a construction or renovation professional and polyurethane foam is among your tools, these two allies cannot be missing in your essential work. In Quilosa we have two options to clean the polyurethane foam depending on whether...
Ral Acrylic Paint General Use spray
Furniture "new" effect with sanding and...
Our friend Pepe Escobar gives us a practical case and tells us the steps to follow to get some sidewalks that are over 25 years old, have a renewed look and look as if they were new.
Orbafoam 60 segundos
Get a perfect adhesion in masonry...
Orbafoam Fixing 60 Seconds is a foam fixing adhesive that can be used without primer in most applications. To obtain the best possible results and lasting adhesion, make sure that the surfaces to be joined are well prepared.
How to know if the edge...
In this article we will explore all the possible problems you may have when applying the Hot Melt to edge a board.
Panel mounting – Glued and Sealed
Bonding of light façade panels using the Fix Panels system: elastic fixing of panels without mechanical anchors, ease of assembly, absorbs movements and vibrations.
Assembly of light and ventilated fachades
Discover step by step and by the hand of the professional Emilio, our beloved "plumber at home" which product to choose to place a chemical anchor in hollow walls, achieving an exceptional result.