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Baliza emergencia

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espuma 60 segundos QUILOSA
espuma Fijación 60 segundos

Emergency beacons installed in a few minutes


To improve the safety of children in a school in Valencia, emergency beacons were installed on the stairs. The new beacons have emergency lighting, activated in the event of failure of the main light. In addition to being functional, their design spreads ethical values in fun colors.

The traditional method for installing these beacons would be to use plaster or paste to fill in the gap. Then, put the little box and anchor the emergency beacon. But for this application, instead of plaster, Orbafoam Fixation 60 seconds has been used. The Quilosa product was chosen for a faster and cleaner installation. The foam was applied to adhere to the beacon to the step. The two materials, PVC and brick, adhered perfectly.

"Thanks to this product I have been able to install in half the time with the advantage that we have not had to clean since once the foam has been cut the result is impeccable"”.

Daniel de Instalaciones Eléctricas M2 - responsable for the project


Find out more about Orbafoam Fixation 60 seconds technology, which comes ready to use and offers immediate initial grip.