Why use Orbafoam Pro-Energy in the installation of windows


Maybe you're thinking about installing windows, and don't know that you foam used? Then we tell you why Orbafoam Pro-Energy is the best option.

According to the standard installation of windows 85219, recommended the use of polyurethane foam with expansion in the installation of windows.
This type of foam, specific for installation of doors and windows, has the characteristic that does not grow uncontrollably so it eliminates bending and deformation in the installation of frames. Many times, it happens, that although it has cured, exercised sufficient pressure on the framework as to twist it or deform, so sometimes installation has to do it again.

As well, with our foam, will not have this concern: your frame will not move.

These foams grow between 30% - 60% of applied volume, versus 80-90% of the conventional foam.

Being controlled expansion, it is not necessary to cut it out, so you will save time in the installation.

Controlled-expansion foams are more dense once they are cured, so it also provide you a thermal and sound insulation than the rest of the foam, since the structure of the cell is more closed.

With foam Orbafoam Pro-Energy get higher acoustic insulation (64 dB) and thermal (λ = 0.033) market and high performance (45L) getting your window to maintain or improve their performance and increase the comfort inside the housing.