How to seal joint in bathroom screen on delicate materials


If you need to seal the joints of the shower tray or the screen to pieces of slate, marble, stone, plastic, resin, polycarbonate or PVC, it’s advisable to use a good sealant, such as our product Silicone Perfect Bath, 100% neutral silicone with fungicidal effect.

Neutral silicones provide excellent adhesion and elasticity on both porous and non-porous materials. In the case of marble and stone, it’s recommended to pre-test in a hidden area to ensure that’s doesn’t stain the material.

In addition, Silicone Perfect Bath is fast curing (only 15 minutes), doesn’t smell and guarantees 15 years without mold. This Quilosa product is perfect, as the name implies, since its application is very easy and convenient.


Let's get to work!

1. Make Sure the joint is dry and there’re no remnants of old silicone or loose grout mortar. To remove old silicone, we recommend Cured Silicone Remover. Clean the surfaces you're going to seal with alcohol.

2. Cut the top tip of the cartridge, taking care not to make it too low, so you don’t turn out of thread. Insert the cartridge into a silicone gun.

3. The cannula of our new product Silicone Perfect Bath includes a 360º cannula that will allow you to apply the product in the most difficult access areas. Cut the cannula at an angle of 45º to leave the thickness of cord you want.

4. Apply a continuous cord of product.

5. Spray soapy water on the silicone cord, you’ll prevent the silicone from sticking where it’s not needed.

6. Smooth the cord with our Alisador de Juntas, the tool that Quilosa provides for a perfect joint finish. If you didn’t have one on hand, you can also smooth them with finger soaked in soapy water.

7. As we have advanced before, the product will cure in just 15 minutes.


Silicone Perfect Bath has a perfect finish, worth the redundancy, and is also available in 4 colors: white, cream, translucent and anthracite, so that your shower tray or screen in not only well sealed, but also looks as perfect as our neutral silicone.



If you make a mistake applying the product, don’t worry, with our Sealants Cleaner, you can remove traces of fresh sealer.