Self expanding tape Orbafoam BG1

Today we want to introduce you the Self Expanding Tape Orbafoam BG1. It’s a polyurethane foam impregnated with an acrylic solution, and subsequently compressed.
What is this technology? After application, the tape, which incorporates a self-adhesive strip on one side, expands by decompression, without any chemical reaction, filling the gap between the window frame and the wall leaving it completely waterproof.

Its advantages: watertight in the air and downpours and in turn, it’s permeable to water vapor and resistant to UV rays.

In addition, the Self Expanding Tape Orbafoam BG1 can be used in installations of both aluminum, PVC and wood carpentry.

To optimize the Self Expanding Tape Orbafoam BG1 roll, it’s important to know how to calculate the perfect measure. How to do it?
Joint depth = tape width.
Joint width = thickness of compressed tape after decompression (mm) x 1-3
Joint length = tape length (cut to the required size and add 2cm to each cut piece).

Joint depth = 15mm
Joint width = 4mm
Joint length = 1.5mm
Required size = 20mm x 3mm x 10mm

Let’s get to work!

1. Measure the hole to fill
2. Peel off the protective film
3. Start hitting a flush corner
4. Paste a whole side
5. Cut with a cutter
6. Turn the window and start on the adjoining side
7. Join the corners
8. Level
9. Finally, it proceeds to the mechanical fixing and the assembly of cover gaskets

The Self Expanding Tape Orbafoam BG1 is also part of the Three Barrier Insulation System, for energy rehabilitation and sustainable construction. It’s a complete professional system that eliminates thermal bridges in the most efficient and permanent way, reducing energy loss and providing greater habitability, hygiene and comfort to the home with the consequent energy savings. In addition, it guarantees the impermeability to steam from the inside out, a feature that will prevent moisture condensation that can cause fungi and even destroy building materials.

This system is composed of:
1. Orbafoam pro energy
2. Membrana de estanqueidad
3. Self expanding tape orbafoam
4. Sintex ms-35: sealing and bonding