How to change the silicone in the bath

Over the years, our bathrooms need small repairs, especially in wet areas where there is silicone applied, such as showers, shower screens, sinks or countertops. In these areas of constant humidity where there are joints and silicones, mold and dirt usually appear. On the other hand, the choice of a neutral and moisture resistant silicone, which is special for baths, is something essential that will greatly delay the time of making small repairs, so we recommend Silcone Perfect Bath.


1. The first step it’s to remove the old silicone. This action can be done with a spatula by removing the joint completely. However, for a simpler removal, we recommend the Cured silicone remover. Apply this product and let it act for 30 minutes, then you can remove the silicone without any difficulty.

2. Once the silicone has been removed, the surface must be cleaned leaving it dry and free of dust.

3. So that the result is unpolluted, protect the edges of the joint where we’re going to apply the silicone with Masking Tape.

4. Apply the silicone with the help of an application gun uniformly across the surface and let it dry. Remove the leftover with soap and water. Once applied it, smooths the surface with the help of our ALISADOR DE JUNTAS.

5. Remove the tape and let it dry.



If you make a mistake applying the product, don’t worry, with our Sealant Cleaner, you can remove traces of fresh sealer.