Silicone for Aquariums


What product to use if you want to assembly an aquarium from scratch? What happens if a leak or fracture occurs in your aquarium? How do you solve it?

Without a doubt, it is best to use a product that is specific to aquariums, in this way you ensure that not only the assembly is in perfect condition, but it also protects the fishes.

The best option for this purpose is the Silicone Aquarium and Terratium, a sealant made of acid-cross-linked silicone rubber.

It is an easy-to-apply system that, in contact with moisture, becomes a rubber with excellent mechanical properties and weather resistance and resistant to aggressive and marine industrial environments. In turn, and very important point, it does not contain fungicide, a component that can be harmful to the fishes.


It is ideal for the manufacture of aquariums, for glazing sealing and for industry in general. However, it should not be applied on construction materials such as concrete, masonry and other similar materials, ferrous metals and rubbers, since the sealant may be colored. For this purpose, non-acid sealants are advisable.