Waterproof the terrace of your house

Have you ever thought about being able to waterproof a terrace with only one product and that it’s also passable?

Aquaprotect passable P4 is a waterproofing that applied in two layers repairs the leaks of your home and also allows you to have a Surface to use with your Friends, to place furniture, barbecues, etc.

If you have critical points such as crossing between floor and Wall or expansion joints, better reinforce them with a geotextile between layer and layer of applied product.

It can be applied with roller, brush and even airless machine and on any surface. We only advise the following specific treatments for these supports:

• Metals: remove corroded parts and any other paint mechanically.

• Plastics: sand to increase the roughness of these materials and clean with solvent.

• Bituminous materials: with this material it’s necessary to always use our Primer for liquid MS silicone.

Between layers, it’s better to wait for the product to dry. The amount of time to wait will depend on the weather conditions, being around 24 hours in winter and between 4-5 hours in summer.